Monday, April 14, 2008

#21 DaveScot's stupidity

This guy is so fun I suppose Dembski use him as a comic attractions for Uncommon Descent. Well, ther eis Denyse also, but DaveScot is the greatest!

I suppose the post will vanish in thin air in a few (minutes, hours?) as soon as a fellow IDiot will bring some reason to Dave, so it's captured below :

Dick to the Dawk on Bill Maher: "

I watched Dawkins on the Bill Maher show last night. Among other interesting things he said was when it comes to belief in gods if you were to rate his belief on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being most belief and 10 being least he puts himself at a 6. Then he compares belief in gods with belief in fairies and pink unicorns. So I guess he’s conflicted about those too. Bill Maher then ridiculed religion in predictable trite ways which caused Dawkins to reconsider the belief rating and up it to ‘6 point 9″. Hilarious. Richard Dawkins is really a centrist on religious beliefs. Who’da thunk?

Too bad Bill Maher didn’t ask Richard Dawkins to rate his belief in the existence of material intelligent agents who can alter the course of evolution by tinkering with the DNA of living organisms. Personally I put that ‘belief’ at a 1 (no doubt) unless someone convinces me that Craig Venter doesn’t really exist.

(emphasis mine)

He is referring at the video posted at #1 Talking snakes entry of this blog.

(if the excerpt below is not yet or no longer available check the original between 01:40 and 02:30)


Either DaveScot is simply a liar, he didn't watched the video, or he is just stupid.


michael said...

This guy heard it all wrong. Dawkins said if there were a scale of 1 to 7 (not 1 to 10), with 1 being most belief and 7 being least. Dawkins then went on to claim that he's actually at a 6.9 And only because he's a scientist will he not go out on the limb of complete certainty that there is no god. Since one can't disprove god, Dawkins calls himself a 6.9. Fine. I'm a 7.4 then.

But I blog foir the NYC Atheists, so I have to be sure...

Oldcola said...

7.4! Almost a 7.47 boeing built by a hurricane at the backyard :-D