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#60 Memories

Via Pharyngula. Anti-Stein sounds like anti-insanity after this short video. Or is it just me?

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#53 Censorship (from creationists, that's it)

John Templeton Foundation's ediding comments

  1. Honorable people doesn't practice censorship and/or heavily truncate comments left on their website.
  2. John Templeton Foundation's people practice censorship and/or text truncation
  3. John Templeton Foundation's people aren't honorable

[Continue reading about the case]

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

#52 Love Messages

received by PZ Myers, evil #2, a second rank atheist...

Despite my disdain for all you represent and for the damage you are inflicting on the hearts, minds, and souls of our nation's children, in obedience to my LORD I shall pray for your salvation, as I would pray for the salvation of Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin or the Boston Strangler. You all deserve one more chance. But mark my words, do not try God's patience for long, for He grieves deeply about the many millions of souls you are dragging along with you into deepest hell, and eventually He will intervene in a mighty and dramatic way, for the salvation of those who look to Him and to the eternal shame of His pathetic and puny human detractors.

Monday, April 21, 2008

#51 Profound Dishonesty

New AAAS Statement Decries "Profound Dishonesty" of Intelligent Design Movie

A new movie released in support of the intelligent design campaign needlessly drives a wedge between science and religion and insults the life-affirming work of millions of scientists worldwide, AAAS said in a statement issued today.

Read the full AAAS statement on the movie "Expelled."

See the short AAAS video, "Evolution, Education, and the Integrity of Science"

The film, "Expelled," posits that science is unable to explain crucial gaps in evolution on Earth, and that the intervention of an intelligent designer was necessary to advance the development of life. The film claims that scientists ruthlessly suppress such challenges.

The AAAS statement responds that evolution is supported by extensive evidence, and rejects the movie as a divisive effort to inject controversial religious ideas into public school science classrooms.

"We were... especially disappointed to learn that the producers of an intelligent design propaganda movie called 'Expelled' are inappropriately pitting science against religion," said the statement. "This production badly misrepresents the scientific community as intolerant of dissent, when, in fact, respectful disagreement and questioning based on physical evidence represent the core of the scientific process.

[Continue Reading]

#50 Psychotonomy

Found at "The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science" FB group, posted by Daniel Grosvenor.

#49 Unusual Reproduction Behaviors

#48 Pets


(Via xkcd.com.)

Aspirin Versus Prayer

Aspirin Versus Prayer: "Aspirin Versus Prayer

(Via Cectic - The Comic.)

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#34 The Bright Side of Life

#33 creative explications

Via Atheist Blogger

#32 Free Speech

Added by Josh W at Photos from I'll bet I can find 1,000,000 athiests


And criticism of religions is Free Speech

#31 I'll bet I can find 1,000,000 athiests

The Facebook Group

1000000 athiests group

#30 National Center for Science Education



The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) defends the teaching of evolution in public schools. We are a nationally-recognized clearinghouse for information and advice to keep evolution in the science classroom and "scientific creationism" out. NCSE is the only national organization to specialize in this issue. We provide:

Reviews of current anti-evolution activity in the United States and around the world

Background to the fundamentally creationist and anti-evolution movement known as "Intelligent Design"

Detailed information on the Creation/Evolution controversy from 1859 to the present

Resources for parents, teachers, school boards, and the general public

Contact NCSE if you need advice, information, or help in defending the teaching of evolution. We also work to increase public understanding of evolution and of the nature of scientific knowledge.

They have an RSS feed and a FB group. Use and join respectively.

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#6 Expelled Exposed

expelled: no intelligence allowed

Up and running - Enjoy

#29 Prayers!

Power_of_Prayer.jpgWell, you know, the world would be much better if religious people decided to just pray for us poor atheists, without any further action. As the recent John Templeton Foundation funded study shown that prayers aren't efficient, it would be great.

They should make a more extended assay: every believer praying 2h (at least, more for the prominent theologists, priests, rabies, imams, religion apologists, etc.) per day for the next 2-3 years.

Believers occupied to pray, heaven on earth for us :-)

#28 THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (of the Ethical Atheist)

NOTE: Free Thought and tolerance obviously prohibit these from being "commandments"! Just consider them "suggestions".

  1. Thou SHALT NOT believe all thou art told.
  2. Thou SHALT seek knowledge and truth constantly.
  3. Thou SHALT educate thy fellow man in the Laws of Science.
  4. Thou SHALT NOT forget the atrocities committed in the name of god.
  5. Thou SHALT leave valuable contributions for future generations.
  6. Thou SHALT live in peace with thy fellow man.
  7. Thou SHALT live this one life thou hast to its fullest.
  8. Thou SHALT follow a Personal Code of Ethics.
  9. Thou SHALT maintain a strict separation between Church and State.
  10. Thou SHALT support those who follow these commandments.


Added by FG at the Stuff Atheists Like Facebook group.

#27 some Atheists Online stuff

Image 2.png

No special USA visit edition ?

#26 Pharyngula

Bloggers, you have a job to do [Pharyngula]: "


We need to get the NCSE's counter-site to the hideous little propaganda film, Expelled, to rank higher in the search engines. The way to do this is for lots and lots of you to link to the Expelled Exposed site with the word Expelled. It's not hard: just copy this code into a blog post.

<a href='http://expelledexposed.com/'><i>Expelled</i></a>

Whenever you write about the movie, use that link. Do it a bunch of times, if you want. It's more effective if many people use the same link every time, though, than for one person to be repetitive.


:-D Obeyed :-P

#25 The Christian Gene

Added by FG at the Stuff Atheists Like Facebook group.

#24 New York City Atheists Blog

Michael D wrote:


They love stuff like the New York City Atheists Blog. NYC is known for its sharp no-nonsense personality, and for its intelligent, sophisticated inhabitants. So NYC Athiests are the sort of Atheist Creme de la Creme that other atheists love. (Or maybe love to hate... )

Anyway, it's where atheists can find some of the most irreverent, in-your-face atheism anywhere on the web.

Point them here: http://nyc-atheists.org/blog/ and they'll love it.

Do I have to move to NYC? :-P

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#23 Peace

war of religions
posté sur FB par FG

#22 Challenge Religion

Image 1.png

#21 DaveScot's stupidity

This guy is so fun I suppose Dembski use him as a comic attractions for Uncommon Descent. Well, ther eis Denyse also, but DaveScot is the greatest!

I suppose the post will vanish in thin air in a few (minutes, hours?) as soon as a fellow IDiot will bring some reason to Dave, so it's captured below :

Dick to the Dawk on Bill Maher: "

I watched Dawkins on the Bill Maher show last night. Among other interesting things he said was when it comes to belief in gods if you were to rate his belief on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being most belief and 10 being least he puts himself at a 6. Then he compares belief in gods with belief in fairies and pink unicorns. So I guess he’s conflicted about those too. Bill Maher then ridiculed religion in predictable trite ways which caused Dawkins to reconsider the belief rating and up it to ‘6 point 9″. Hilarious. Richard Dawkins is really a centrist on religious beliefs. Who’da thunk?

Too bad Bill Maher didn’t ask Richard Dawkins to rate his belief in the existence of material intelligent agents who can alter the course of evolution by tinkering with the DNA of living organisms. Personally I put that ‘belief’ at a 1 (no doubt) unless someone convinces me that Craig Venter doesn’t really exist.

(emphasis mine)

He is referring at the video posted at #1 Talking snakes entry of this blog.

(if the excerpt below is not yet or no longer available check the original between 01:40 and 02:30)


Either DaveScot is simply a liar, he didn't watched the video, or he is just stupid.

#20 Hug An Atheist Day


HT Greg Laden

#19 Nature

The image is from the Nature Conservancy Flickr Group, chosen for the colorful artefact, another natural product.


by marilyn2d

Illustration for #11d

#18 Darwinian Evolution on a Chip

Paegel BM, Joyce GF (2008) Darwinian Evolution on a Chip. PLoS Biol 6(4): e85 doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0060085
The principles of Darwinian evolution are fundamental to understanding biological organization and have been applied to the development of functional molecules in the test tube. Laboratory evolution is greatly accelerated compared with natural evolution, but it usually requires substantial manipulation by the experimenter. Here we describe a system that relies on computer control and microfluidic chip technology to automate the directed evolution of functional molecules, subject to precisely defined parameters. We used a population of billions of RNA enzymes with RNA-joining activity, which were challenged to react in the presence of progressively lower concentrations of substrate. The enzymes that did react were amplified to produce progeny, which were challenged similarly. Whenever the population size reached a predetermined threshold, chip-based operations were executed to isolate a fraction of the population and mix it with fresh reagents. These steps were repeated automatically for 500 iterations of 10-fold exponential growth followed by 10-fold dilution. We observed evolution in real time as the population adapted to the imposed selection constraints and achieved progressively faster growth rates over time. Our microfluidic system allows us to perform Darwinian evolution experiments in much the same way that one would execute a computer program.

Illustrating #11c

#17 Books

Example :


By Carl Zimmer

Illustrating #11b

#16 Darwin online


#15 The Friends of Charles Darwin


#14 The Beagle Project


#13 Monty Python

to illustrate #11a. She is definitively a witch :-)

# 12 Cectic - The Comic

The Squabble

# 11 Some thoughts from Jake D

Just thought I'd share a few things THIS atheist likes:

  1. Monty Python: I don't know any atheists that don't like MP. It must be a prerequisite for atheism.

  2. Books. Kinda obvious I know, but really, you ever see an atheist that didn't read a lot? Perhaps that's the main difference between an atheist and an agnostic. The atheist took the time to read all the facts.

  3. Technology. The cooler (and for some reason, smaller) the gadget, the better.

  4. Nature. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm kind of attached to nature myself. And it's awesome!

  5. Cats. I'm sure there are exceptions, but my guess is atheists like cats because it reminds them of their independent nature and curiosity. And they're cute and cuddly but can claw yours eyes out just like atheists.

#10 Self Assembling Clocks

Geis tell us so.